November 14, 2015

When you don’t need them


First time is always difficult. And risky.

The second crack’s about straightening the curves. And exciting.

Then the difficult third album. And nothing’s quite so easy after all.

After that, assuming you’re still in the game and shouting, the hard knocks start paying off.

The real learning … practice helps.

First time out, for added spice, very often, it’s critical – the risk zone just when we need to ace it.

If you see a change coming – for you or your team – take time to practice the moves.

Rehearse the pitch before the money shot. Build your network for fun, not profit. Take micro speaking slots months before the national spotlight. Innovate small steps before you need the big one. Learn how to work together, to hire well, bring new people into play, to deal with small problems before they grow into big ones.

Pay attention when you don’t have to. Learn when it isn’t critical. Hone the skills before you need them.

Skippy Strategy: Learn how to go slow, before you have to go fast.