January 21, 2023

Win-win wins


Some people are takers. They know there’s an exchange involved but at every point they’re looking to overbalance the scale towards their own side. They don’t so much put their thumb on the scale, they’re not cheaters, but they’re happiest when taking a little more than an inch and a step or two more than a standard mile.

You deal with these people when you have to. You just don’t like it. If your inclinations tip that way too, don’t be surprised when everyone isn’t exactly happy with the game being played.

In the long term, far better to work towards a win-win. Far better to build relationships where everyone knows you have their interests at heart too – because it’s far more likely that when you look out for them, they’ll look out of yours.

Turns out, win-win wins both ways.

Skippy strategy: Ensure everyone wins when you work together.