January 20, 2023

Four times


It’s almost a truism. At any time there are two people involved in one responsibility, confusion is the default. But I thought you …? No, that’s on me …? But …!

There is an alternative; work it out. Spend time at the beginning working out who is on what and where the demarcation lines sit, who prepares Tab A, who holds Slot B, which party moves their piece to engage with the other. Then, as thing wriggle along, spend more time clarifying and clarifying and clarifying until it’s, er, clear, and that clarity become second nature. So whenever anything piece of the comes up, there’s no thinking … there’s only knowing.

Complexity is the square of the number of people involved. Organising two is four times harder than organising one. Organising three is way harder again, organising four is … you get the picture.

Skippy strategy: The only way to organise is to spend time organising.