March 25, 2017

With rhythm


What they’re actually paying for is the bit between the cost of materials and the finished thing.

Whether that thing is a product or a service, it’s the delta that counts. The value add. Your bit.

And you’re both making a choice about that value:

– You’re choosing what and where and how to add the value. In the service, the quality, the craftsmanship, the cleverness, the efficient organisation of moving parts. Balancing service or product over absolute price, squeezing out costs so you can compete on your own terms.

– They’re choosing what value they actually care about. Convenience, service, support. Relationship, partnership, development roadmap. Minimum price, maximum upside, ultimate trade-off.

It’s a dance with rhythm but no absolutes.

Start with you, then listen to them, one step forward, one step sideways, listen again, catch the rhythm.

Skippy strategy: Offer a value that they’re choosing to care about.