December 31, 2015

Yay, 2015


Yay, us.

Yay, all the things we did, the decisions we took, the mistakes we made. Yay, the opportunities landed and the ones that got away. Yay, the people we met and hired and those we lost or let go. Yay, the insights and revelations, the roadblocks and curl de sacs. Yay, the notes we took, the thoughts we had, the conversations that changed us. Yay, the cold days of spring when things looked so clear and the warm days of autumn when the fog settled in. Yay, the wind. Yay, the treacle we waded and the mountains we climbed.

Yay, the fun.

Yay, the lessons we learned. Every. Single. One.

Yay, 2015.

Skippy Strategy: Look back, crystallise the lessons. Look forward.