September 2, 2018

Your house


There’s this problem we’ve been dancing around. Our primary method of dealing with the issue is to not talk about it – not from want of trying, but because whenever it comes up the temperature rises and it’s easier to not deal with the thing than it is to live inside the discomfort and conflict.

It’s the conflict that’s holding things back. 

We continue to dance rather than doing something about it – not from want of an answer. Everyone knows what needs to be done. Everyone agrees. Loudly. Except one person, who can make it happen, and who’s given too much wriggle room.

The real problem then isn’t the thing we’re dancing around, it isn’t that we don’t know a better answer, it’s the fear of conflict.

Take away the fear.

Your house, you set the rules: deal with the conflict.

Skippy strategy: Conflict isn’t scary if everyone knows that resolution is the outcome.