April 1, 2018

About us


We’re so busy in the thick of the thing, buried in the day-to-day wrangles and the problem-solving and the scurrying to nudge one foot in front of the other that we forget about us. We forget to think about our internal operating system – not the subject of the hour, we’re good with that – but how we manage meetings, how we organise, how we work together, how we get the best out of each other, how we get back in sync, how we make sure we’re still in the right groove.

So it’s time to talk about us.

Maybe there’s time in the monthly team meet, probably not. Maybe we can squeeze it in over the dinner we’re having at the conference, probably not.

When it’s time to talk about us, it’s time to for a thoughtful agenda and some stillness amongst the flood.

Skippy strategy: Slow down. Let’s talk.