January 11, 2019

Clear their path


Most people are pretty busy. That includes the people in your team. If you’re lucky, they’re motivated to do good work and focused on the task at hand – if they think about it, they probably hope you’ll notice.

Thing is, you probably notice some other things . Like when they don’t arrive on time, when they’re not well prepared, when they leave a mess or miss their deadlines.

The other thing is, what you should really see is something else. Like that they’re struggling and overloaded; that they’re always waiting on another team member, or department, or you; that they’re doing their best but they need more back up; that their line manager is a line underminer; that they’re taking flak for something they can’t influence.

Skippy strategy: Praise where it’s due, hold them accountable, clear their path and work out how you can help them do their best work.