March 10, 2017

Friends with benefits


Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could do everything yourself?

No explanations. No justifications. Everything just the way you want it. Precise vision. One perspective. Single minded focus.

Oh, but …

No creative sparks with white-board ninjas.

No twice as much in half the time.

No two-heads-are-better-than-one to out think the pesky problems.

No wider experience, different expectations, other ways to hurdle, alternative views on the art-of-the-possible. No honed skills and sculpted muscles and battle hardened practices you didn’t know were even a thing.

Other people: not different-bad, just different-different.

When you invite other people into the circle … they’re friends with benefits … at the cost of a few explanations and daily attempts at clarity.

If you need help to get it done at all or get it done better, find a way to accept it.

Skippy strategy: Teams help.