March 9, 2017

Common ground


Sometimes, there’s something in the way.

The two sides of the table have opposing views that don’t seem compatible. Over time, concessions cease and positions solidify. They’re as far apart today as we were last month.

If the difference of opinion is trivial – like the colour of the logo or the hiring of a new project manager – it might be irritating but it doesn’t stop progress on anything other than itself. Annoying for everyone, but no biggie.

Sometimes though, it’s the whole deal.

Without this thing being agreed, nothing else moves. Stuck in place.

As an outsider looking in … when something is that stuck … the diagnosis is usually simple; it’s more about the people than the problem.

They’re in the way. Their ego is in the way.

The answer – get over yourselves and find common ground.

Skippy strategy: Forget Option A and Option B. Find Solution Z.