February 2, 2018

No foul?


We’ve all behaved badly in meetings.

We’ve dealt with email, read our feeds, zoned out just a little bit, let our minds wander to the email we’re purposefully not dealing with (unlike those other guys, grrr) whilst sat in this damn meeting. It’s a little bit disrespectful to the subject and our colleagues, but … give me a break! … no harm no foul, right?

Then there’s the other kind of bad behaviour. Sitting passive-aggressive in the corner, or imposing our loud opinions on everyone who has no choice but to listen, or chopping the legs out of ideas with potential, or sucking every ounce of energy from the room, or publicly humiliating.

Thing is … bad behaviour is bad behaviour. Sure, some things are worse than others, but you shouldn’t let any of them slide.

Call it out – respectfully. No rocks, nothing that is itself bad behaviour.

Skippy strategy: With respect.