July 17, 2021

Resentment will build


We’ve all got people on our team, good people, who’ve grown beyond their role or who’ve been left behind as their role has grown. If we do nothing, changes are, it’ll be ok, at least for a while. If we still do nothing, resentment will build.

When they’re being held back from their growth, the patience will be tested. Leave it too long, they’ll start looking for a new place where their new place in the world is recognised and valued.

When the rest of the team has to carry them, goodwill lasts only so long. Leave it too long, and some of you good people will start looking for a new place where everyone is on the same page.

If all that sounds good, fine. See how it plays. If not, swallow down, have the conversation, deal with the consequences.

Skippy strategy: Situations and people change, and that’s ok.