June 20, 2018

Serious job


Finding and competing for talent is just like finding and competing in any other market. It’s about access and differentiation.

Access is a two way business. You need to find a way to meet at the threshold – where do the kind of people you want to hire hang out, what do you have to do to share the same space? When you’re there, work out how to catch their attention.

Differentiation means making sure you stand out from the crowd. Chances are, you’re not hiring by the shelf foot so find a way of stand at, and appealing to, the ends of the bell curve. Forget ticking all possible boxes (no one will believe you). Do pick one or two dimensions you and they really care about – like market, technology, autonomy, community, challenge.

Most of all, treat recruitment like the serious job it is.

Skippy strategy: Treat recruitment like any market.