September 1, 2023

Something you’re doing


It’s the myth of leadership that you can get your people to do what you want. You understand that. Of course you do. It hit you after that second or third self-inflicted crisis. It’s not about what you want or ask for, however compellingly (forcefully?) you go about it. It’s about getting them to want the same results as you – and making sure they have sufficient talent, resources and freedom to do what it takes.

If everyone’s on the same bus … maybe you’re the problem that’s in the way. There’s something you’re doing, or not doing, that stops them getting on with their bit.

The freedom they need then comes from confidence. To demand your time or attention. To get you to do what they want. That if they have to push you, you won’t push (kick) back. 

Your bit … give them permission.

Skippy strategy: Don’t get in the way.