September 6, 2015

Stand back

Stand Back

Lots happens at full throttle.

Good things – code is written, products built, customers nudged, contracts signed, teams grow, confidence builds, electricity sizzles.

Out front with the wind in your face … it’s easy to imagine everyone is following on.

Bad things – bugs breathe, errors grow, communications suffer, cracks get papered, teams fracture, energy saps, laggards lag.

Strung out, away from the wind, out back … it’s easy to feel lost, abandoned, ignored, with no clue about how you fit, whether you make a difference or even how the direction of travel maps against true north.

Assumptions make asses.

Stand back for a bit.

Check in, one to one, off site. How about lunch?

Take time, listen hard, deconstruct every manoeuvre, explain the forward view. Reconnect.

Skippy Strategy: Check team health over three lunches, take what you learn to an all hands meeting.