March 18, 2017

The form will fix it


Forms are for collecting information. No question. You ask for the data, someone fills it in. It’s bureaucracy. Forms are brilliant at that.

What a form won’t do … anything else.

When you ask for answers, even written answers, what you get are specific answers to specific questions. What you can’t expect are existential reflections inspired by the request. No one takes the time to think about every question and work out how it’s going to change their world view.

It’s just data and it’s one way traffic.

That other things you might want from the form … like honesty, or reflection, some kind of management … doesn’t happen because of the form, it happens because of the human interactions around it.

Unless all you want is a tick-box we-asked-the-question everything-else-is-not-my-responsibility exercise. In which case, yup, the form will fix it.

Skippy strategy: Don’t trust to bureaucracy.