September 18, 2018

The ropes


There’s a mismatch between what you know and what you know is important. 

All the little things that go on, the ways of working, the short cuts and weird ways, the spinning things that make your world go around. That’s ok for a stable team, where everyone knows every nuance, where there’s no need to think who, or why, or where, or when. Where everything that’s happened before continues to happen just how it always did.

Thing is, stable isn’t likely. Most worlds rock.

Any time you bring in a new team member or a new customer or a new anyone, they start with nothing. Don’t just show them around and leave them to work things out for themselves – that’s slow and messy and they’re likely to bounce.

Hold their hand, explain and demonstrate, clear the path, show them the ropes.

Skippy strategy: Swing with them as they work out what’s important.