August 22, 2023

We don’t know


Anytime you take on a new customer or colleague or partner or anyone – internally or externally – there’s that thing … where everything you thought they thought or said, and everything they thought you thought or said … where all your expectations, and all their assumptions … where every little thing … just isn’t quite as expected.

The first response is natural – dig a little deeper into communications. A few more meetings, a lot more email, re-learn the joys of spending time together.

And then you realise … they don’t know how we work.

They don’t understand how to get the best of us, that we use internal shorthand, that we mean more than we say, that when we agree on commitments we have a tight relationship with the calendar.

And then you realise … we don’t know how they work either.

Skippy strategy: Don’t wait. Get on with working out how to work together.