February 9, 2023

Wind shifts


There are many contenders for the most important work of any leader, but at or near the top is the work of building and maintaining the team itself. You bring in the best people you can and find a way, together, for everyone to benefit from the effort of the others. And on a sunny day, with a following wind, all is good with the world.

And sometimes, that’s even how it works out. For a second or two.

Then the wind shifts, the weather changes, the salt starts to rub a little here and a little there, and all of a sudden you find yourselves dysfunctional. That’s where the real work begins.

Make no compromises. Deal with the rub, remove the issues, prioritise coherent efforts over superstar egos – every time, as soon as possible.

Skippy strategy: Creating, building, developing and maintaining the team – that’s the real work.