June 11, 2015

After the decision


On the way to making an important decision life is full of maybes and coulds and possibles and what ifs? Complicated, complex, confusing. You consider and cogitate, take advice and ponder. He said, she said. This might happen, that might happen. Round and round. Aaarrrgggh.

After the decision … smooth.

Everything’s clearer.

One foot in front of the other.

All that energy … just to get to … the next step.

The game is won by making decisions as quickly as possible, but no quicker. You need enough information but there’s no point gathering and gathering and gathering, so what’s the least you can work on? When you see the situation clearly, what do you think? What’s the hypothesis? Test it, then decide.

Slow decision making wastes resources, sucks energy and stops the team moving forward. Best case scenario: a bit of delay. Worst case: loss of faith, lost opportunities and ceding ground to nimbler competitors.

There’s a fast way and a slow way, the most important thing is what happens next.

Skippy Strategy: Next decision, what’s the least information you can work with? Consider it with your team, take a deep breath, move away from the dock.