December 22, 2020

Lasts forever


It was a good idea. It was discussed and debated, looked into, compared with a bunch of alternatives and, in the face of not much consternation, it was adopted and implemented. After the inevitable teething pain, and when the learning curve was summited and the benefits were embedded, it became the new normal. Nobody really thought about it any more, it became accepted and taken for granted and all was good with the world.

A good idea, well implemented, creating benefit.

And the world continued to turn.

And new ideas came along, new systems, new processes, new technologies with new possibilities. You can hang on to the old ways, and sometimes that’s smart – but the game is always ideas, not about who or how long you’ve held them.

Skippy strategy: No idea is so good that it lives forever. Be ready for good ideas, for creative destruction, for change.