June 26, 2020

Too risky


Bringing new things to the world is about creativity, and grit, and luck, and connections and hard work, and focus, and teams and all the good things that we deal with every day. One other thing that’s talked about less often is a flexible and accommodating relationship with risk. To do new and difficult things, we take changes, place our bets on the roulette table and double down when it’s most uncomfortable. We don’t do it for fun, we do it because there’s no other way.

Sometimes though, the risk is too high. Like we hauling ourselves over landmines just to make it to the casino door. Like the price of entry eats our entire stake. Like we’re hanging on to the cliff too tight whilst scrabbling to find purchase for our toes.

Skippy strategy: Sometimes, the reason it feels too risky, it because it is indeed too risky.