August 26, 2021

Against the numbers


You can argue against maths, but maths always wins. You can ignore the maths, but the maths keeps on building its case and might even bring the walls crashing down whilst you have your fingers in your ears. You can wish away the maths, but maths has an uncanny knack of defying those wishes and continuing its march.

There’s the fantasy – what you want to be true or imagine is true or would trade to make true – and then there’s reality. When there’s a fight, maths and facts and reality win.

Make sure the maths adds up, looks for facts, attach yourself firmly to reality. When things aren’t known, search for answers and get on with things in the mean time. As soon as unknowns become knowns, don’t fight, ignore or wish them away. Sit up, plug in, and deal with reality.

Skippy strategy: Don’t argue against the numbers.