February 6, 2023

Can kicking


The thing, eventually, will be done. Maybe not today, because you’ll kick the can down the road. Maybe not tomorrow, because can kicking easily and quickly becomes a habit. But one day, probably when it’s critical and at exactly the moment when you’re max’d out and can’t move for the dumpster of cans everywhere you look, it will be sat there, right in your path, ready to break your toe if you kick it even one more time.

The thing, now, has to be done. Knowing how things are, you’ll probably skimp a little here, scrape a little there, and scratch around the this and that of it, just because you feel so helpless in the face of such unbending expectations. You rail some. Moan some.

And eventually, because it will be done, you will do it.

Alternatively, get on and do it now.

Skippy strategy: Do it now.