December 3, 2022

Clear some space


With a blank sheet of paper and plenty of human and financial resources, it’s pretty easy to set things up the way you want them. This person here, that person doing that stuff, and two people over here working on everything else … (all reporting back to meeee. Mwa ha ha!) The perfect organisation.

Real life ain’t so easy. There’s never a white page, people and cash are always in short supply, and every little thing they’re already doing gets in the way.

Loading new stuff on top of the old stuff doesn’t work – one kills the other whilst everyone wilts. 

The game then is clearing the space.

Who will do what, and … most important … what will they stop doing to give them time to do it? When they stop, who takes it on or do you drop it completely?

It’s about making choices.

Skippy strategy: Clear some space.