February 3, 2023

Fires fought


Those days, the ones where you sit down at the beginning with a half decent idea of what you’d like to get done, and then you don’t. Not because you don’t put in the hours, not even because your list was harder than you thought, not either that you’ve been polishing your procrastination pips. Because more people walked through your door with more urgent things that, even with highly charged prioritisation chops, got in the way. The day was a success judged by effort entered and fires fought, and a wash when measured against the longer wavelengths that make the most difference.

Those days are ok, so long as they’re not every day. If it happens once in a while, no biggie. If it happens every day, you probably feel like it’s February 2nd again, and again, and again.

Skippy strategy: Do the things that mean you need to do less.