November 2, 2022

For a Yes


The thing about say No is that it makes the Yeses so much more meaningful.

Say No, and you have time to do the things you’ve already said Yes to.

Say No, and do the Yeses, and you’ll get a reputation (build a brand) as the kind of person (team) who does what they say they’re going to do.

Say No, and explain your reasons, so the next time they ask and you say Yes, they’ll know that a Yes means a Yes and that you’re the kind of person who treats Yeses (and them) with respect.

Say No, and everyone knows where they stand – nobody will be left wondering when the thing will happen, whether you’ve forgotten or where it is in your hit list. They’ll know to get on with someone or something else.

Skippy strategy: The best thing you can do for a Yes, is say No.