July 13, 2022

Gives permission


Now you have it on the table, now you’re talking about it, now it’s impossible to live in willfull ignorance, to pretend, to look way, now you can make some choices.

Some things, as soon as you expose them, dissolve into the ether. It could be that even though your worry was genuine, the situation was more imagined than real. Or it maybe that naming the problem immediately changes behaviours and all becomes good with the world.

Most times though, the exposure helps not only to define and shape the issue, but to galvanise action around its resolution. What you imagined was a personal worry, was there all the time, unnamed, for everyone. Putting it into the light gives permission to acknowledge it, add their own perspective and understanding, take responsibility for their piece of the solution, make decisions, and get on with the new reality.

Skippy strategy: Exposure gives permission.