January 7, 2022

Road to good outcomes


You know that nice conversation you had where everything was discussed, conclusions were drawn, and commitments and actions were agreed. You remember, last week. That one? Yep. Great. I can’t remember, what was agreed and who was going to do what?

The road to good outcomes starts with writing things down. Even if you don’t note every meeting, you have to at the end: we agreed this, these are the actions, this person is responsible for this thing, and that person is taking on that other thing.

The road to good outcomes makes it round the curve when you then share what was agreed, so everyone (everyone) who needs to know, actually knows.

The road to good outcomes takes you there when everything gets done that was agreed by or because of everyone who agreed they should.

Skippy strategy: It starts with writing things down, then sharing them, then doing them.