May 3, 2019

That bridge


With the best will in the world, with the best of intentions, and even with the kind of charm and grace you bring on your best days – some one, some how, some day, will be irritated by something you’ve said or done. And when that happens, some (most) of us react with our own irritation multiplied by the injustice of it. Properly put out.

Which, whilst we’re feeling bruised – and especially if we’re then given a hard time for it – will probably get in the way of just getting on the the work that still needs doing and building the relationship that still needs building.

So … choices.

Get irritated, let the irritation get in the way, and slowly, slowly pull things back to an even keel as water slinks away under that bridge.

Or, get over it, and get on with the next thing straight away.

Skippy strategy: Focus where it’s important.