January 22, 2019

The risk of censure


When you’re kinda-sorta-maybe worried that somebody will object, it’s likely that you’ll kinda-sorta-maybe ask for permission rather than just get on with it. And when you ask for permission, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be a little bit defensive and a little bit apologetic. And when that happens, it can be difficult to carry the room.

There are two alternative plans.

Get on with it and see what happens. Most times the risk of censure is much slimmer than you imagine – because most times the people you’re worried about are either worried about their own thing or happy to see someone take some initiative.

Present it as a great idea that’s pretty much a done deal. Sure, they can stop you at the pass but, again, the good kind of people you care about pretty much always like someone taking the initiative.

Skippy strategy: Get going, and be positive about it.