February 21, 2023

Yank the cord

Boat plane

There are problems and then there are difficult problems. When it’s a problem, you put the time in, gather some colleagues and dates, apply some smarts, take some actions and move on to the next thing. When it’s a difficult problem, it’s the same recipe but everyone knows to set expectations and make sure there’s move of every resource and as much wriggle room as possible – and everything moves to the right.

The problems really start when a mistake a difficult problem for the regular kind.

It takes longer, you need different people, other date, a special kind of smart, yet more time, yet more data – and all the while everyone’s getting frustrated because expectations weren’t set. When it happens you have two choices: nibble it along accepting the frustrations, or yank the cord to reset the dial towards difficult.

Skippy strategy: Work out which kind of problem you’re solving.