May 11, 2015

So many things to do


Let’s not confuse projects with priorities.

Projects are packages of work undertaken to achieve stated goals. Priorities are things ranked more important than others.

The confusion comes when all projects are priorities.

What does it feel like? Never finishing … anything. He-who-shouts-loudest syndrome. Un-progress meetings.

The cause: too many projects, too little prioritisation.

When every project is AAA rated, the only things that happen fast are confusion and fatigue. Each deliverable crawls forward like jammed traffic on a roundabout.

The answer is to prioritise the important stuff and move everything else to a “Not a Priority” list. Keep it in sight, but focus attention on the priorities.

Projects need to be prioritised, every project isn’t a priority.

Skippy Strategy: Rank your project list from most important to least. Draw a line beneath the last project you can fully resource. Accelerate projects above the line, cancel those below.