April 23, 2015

Will they perform?


Anytime you rely on, work with, or commit to someone else, there’s that worry … will they perform?

Raising funding, is the cash available, what about the goodwill and desire? It’s all talk and term sheets until the final signature and the cash turns up. See any red flags?

It’s easier to hire badly than well and the cost of getting it wrong multiplies with the date. Are they adding energy or taking it away?

Negotiating contracts can take months and things always change along the way. Sweep assumptions into the open, deal with difficulties and watch for signs of regret or stretching deadlines.

Whatever the scenario, before signatures, handy helpers are the whites of their eyes and whether they react or respond.

When contracts are signed, is the other side delivering on commitments, hitting milestones, stomping on problems? Keep an eye on metrics, an ear on meetings, and a finger in the wind.

Finding good people and partners is the hardest job of all. You never know they’ll perform until you know from experiences, so look out for the signs.

Skippy strategy: Before things get important … Do they have the attributes to perform? Is there a track record of performance? What does my gut say?