April 22, 2015

The joy of rejection


Taking products and services out the meet the market, you get a lot of rejection.

It may not feel great in the moment, but there are few things more helpful in the long term. If you pay attention.

It’s tempting to think the early days are all about the product. About late nights and darkened rooms and individual efforts as you craft something where there was nothing. About turning a brilliant idea into a game changing offer. Of course they’ll buy it.

When rejection clangs, you realise the biggest early step is learning how to sell. There’s learning in a, “Yes,” but the fastest and sharpest lessons come from understanding the, “No’s.”

Why not, what’s missing, wrong time wrong place, price, positioning, competitor, distractions, value, priority, language, evidence, trust? Was the decision active or passive? When did their eyes wander? Every truth is hard won because no one voice is right. You have to triangulate and evaluate to work out the main line and avoid the cuttings.

In person, it’s a conversation or fifty. Online, live and breathe the analytics.

If you listen hard, they’ll tell you what they want, where you’re off course, and how to get back on track.

Skippy Strategy: What system can you put in place to maximise the value of a, No? How can you tap into the richest vein of intelligence?

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