March 30, 2015

What’s on the radar?


No matter the size, every project is a small part of a bigger machine. Some of it in view, much of it hidden. Nothing malicious, just the facts.

There’s always something that’s out of sight that can blow the plans up good and proper. More of a possibility than a thing. Can you feel it?

Project managers looks for this stuff from the beginning. Who’s the decision maker? Who has influence? What are the boundaries? What haven’t we talked about? What could go wrong? What could go amazingly right?

In operating mode: risks are managed, opportunities tracked, and projects proceed.

Look up. There’s something you missed, and it’s still coming.

Keep your radar turned up high, tuned for anything that could sink your battleship, or make it fly.

Skippy Strategy: At every team review, ask, What’s on the radar? What didn’t we know yesterday?