December 1, 2020

Be direct


 We probably have people on out teams that think less of themselves than we think of them, and others who’s self analysis is kinder than our, hopefully, more objective view. So goes the world. We all find it difficult to position ourselves against the assumptions and expectations of others.

Annual reviews, appraisals, one-on-ones: they’re all supposed to fill in the blanks. An honest conversation about how well, or otherwise, these assumptions and expectations are playing out. 

The problem comes, of course, when we either, a) don’t have the conversations at all (being honest, when did you last take the time to sit down with each member of your team?), or, b) pull our punches when we do (being honest, how good are you at being direct, and using that directness – especially in a constructive way?).

Don’t let it be a problem.

Skippy strategy: Practice – set up the meetings, be direct.