February 18, 2019

Before the music stops


Every meeting is full of lots of lovely discussion. We talk about the blues and the greens, the likes and the dislikes, the up and the downs, options A B and C. We gather opinions and harvest ideas. We share stories and poke around trying to find consensus and decisions. Talk. Talk. Slide. Whiteboard. Talk. Coffee. Talk.

At some point, whether there’s a final decision or progress points, things come to a close.

Before the music stops and you run for more coffee … make sure you’ve nailed down, in public, shared and agreed answers to the essential questions.

What is agreed?

What do we have to do to close the issue?

What are the actions and who will do what by when?

Who do we need to bring into the circle about this meeting?

If there is one, what is the decision?

Skippy strategy: The point of the meeting … what happens next.