November 26, 2017

Bright spots

Bright spot

The finest task in management is recognising the right person to join the team.

A perfectly packaged bundle of talent and experience and work ethic, trained in the ways of force, willing and able to bring their whole selves into the room every morning, with a positive and expansive mindset they can bend to the challenges of the day and the month and the year.

The greatest joy is when the right person happens along at the right time.

So that’s two hard bits: finding the right person, and at the right time too.

If you make the finding-part an always-on activity, where your radar is always scanning for bright spots, sometimes you can jump to the right-time part with a single bound (phone call).

Most times though, treat it like any other high-gain activity. Full attention, no easy pass.

Skippy strategy: High gain demands full attention.