January 23, 2016

Can we dance?


The problem with new people … we’re just not sure. They talk a good game, have all the right answers, but you never really know until things get critical. Same with partners. All those credentials mean nothing when you see them heading for the hills at the first sign of trouble, or filling their pockets when you’re not looking.

So we dance.

Pull each other closer and work out how the music works.

Moving in time is good, stepping on toes is bad.

A waltz or two – and now you know.

It’s getting better, you trust each other in the dip, they teach you, you want to hold them closer. Or, it’s all too difficult, moving against rather than with, bruised feet, more bump and grind than one two three.

After the dance – now you know. Time to break it up and look for better partners, or is this the one that’ll beat the competition.

Skippy Strategy: Hiring or partnering – dance before you get serious.