The thing about committing to changing relationships so friends can work as colleagues, it’s a for-better-or-worse kind of deal.

The better part: when the team sees the change, things start running on all cylinders again. Finally, everyone is clear about where they stand and how they’ll work together – no special relationships, no protected areas, no golden boys.

The worse part: if you can’t make it stick, something has to give. If you’re serious, that means someone has to leave the team. If you’re not serious – if a protected friendship proves more important than the team – everyone sees it, you lose their respect and a part of their commitment. Worst case, good people find somewhere else to work.

You can keep the friendship, and the team, but don’t let the friendship get in the way of team.

Skippy strategy: The bottom line: find a new way of working, or work a way out.