June 14, 2015

Chess strength


Chess starts with learning the moves of all the pieces. It’s clear very quickly that each piece has a special talent and they’re better at some tasks than others.

If only people were the same. That they came with a guide to what they can and can’t do, how they interact with one another, their relative strengths and weaknesses. That it said how to put them in predictable combinations to achieve more than if they work on their own.

Oh yeah, there is.

Not in a book, but in conversation. What are you good at? How should we work together? What can’t you do? What inspires your best work? What kind of feedback do you want? How can we move faster?

Any time you add to the team, begin with the basics.

Skippy Strategy: Every week, over coffee and cakes, tackle a basic question. The point is to learn more about each other and how better to work together.