It’s easy to forget your own team. Not in the, who ARE these people?, sense. But in the, taking them for granted, sense. Not in the, not appreciating their efforts, sense. But in the, they’re here all day long … they know what’s going on, sense. Not in the, they don’t know what they’re doing, sense. But in the, they understand the bigger picture and why we’re all doing what we’re all doing, sense.

Don’t forget your team.

Don’t spend all your time taking every customer, every investor, every partner on a journey full of stories and excitement and fortune-telling and operatic detail … and forget to bring your team along with you. They need as much belief, if not more. They need as much insight, if not more. They need as much faith, if not more.

Skippy strategy: Don’t forget your team, encourage them along on the journey too.