December 4, 2020

Experts in the room


With experts in the room, it’s easy for each of them to rely on their expertise. Your belief: they know what they’re doing. Their belief: I do their job well, as well as I can, there’s nothing else for me to do. This belief system works as long as everything goes well. When they don’t go well, all those individuals look around to work out who didn’t do their bit. When things don’t go well, the culprit isn’t the experts or their expertise, it’s all the gaps between them.

Doing difficult things is a team sport. It absolutely involves people who know what they’re doing, but it also involves people who know where they fit, who understand their contribution to the whole, who work to make the hand-offs easier, and who know how to work together as well as alone.

Skippy strategy: Even with experts, hire team players.