December 3, 2020

Clear resistance


Like everything else, openness and willingness to change is as individual as the individuals involved. Some adapt, some adopt, some resist, some are confused. Some go one way on some things and another way on others. Some seemingly run the gamut in any given five minutes. And the “some” in there includes us. As soon as humans are involved, everything gets much more complicated than it seemed in the plan. Hey ho.

One option is to steamroller everyone regardless, pushing on with unstoppable force at the pace you think will allow everyone that wants to adapt, or is capable, to adapt. That puts an enormous burden on the pace and the the perfection of your implementation. That makes it all about you.

In reality, it’s all about them. Almost always, the job isn’t to push change, it’s to clear resistance from its path.

Skippy strategy: Less about steamroller, more about the individuals.