August 15, 2016

Fixed point


It’s easy to forget the unknown is uncomfortable.

Running things, building things, it’s likely that every day, seventy times a day, you’re rolling around is situations where uncertainty is the only fixed point on the table. You get used to thinking on your feet and changing direction like a bleep-test. You live change.

That not the same for everyone else.

Some people are much more comfortable with fewer things in flux. Where certainty and process and schedules all line up into month shape lumps. Where efficiency and effectiveness are the daily thread. Where tomorrow’s goal is a slightly better version of today.

Give them a blank page though – ask them to invent a different future, build something entirely new, step into the unknown – they’re going to wobble.

What you see as exciting, they might see as disorienting.

That’s ok. Be their fixed point.

Skippy strategy: Help them orient.