May 19, 2021

Gets you nowhere


It’s possible that you are entirely right. It’s possible that you are entirely right and everyone else is entirely wrong. Of course, it’s also possible that you’re wrong and they are right.

Neither situation is good.

Every organisation is subject to flywheel forces. Little nudges, little nudges, little nudge nudge nudges are what it takes – and it’s better to have them working together than working against. Back and forth gets you nowhere. Indecision gets you nowhere. Half hearted compliance and half hearted action gets you next to nowhere. You need everyone on the same page, pushing in the same direction, full gas, no hedging.

You get this when both sides are not only willing to advocate but also to listen to the voices and the data. You don’t tend to get this when the only tool you have is authority.

Skippy strategy: Authority is the last thing you need.