February 4, 2019

Good in a group


Part of working with other people is working out how to work with them.

There are the general rules around honesty and integrity, doing what you say you’re going to do, having a certain work ethic – all the things you have to do to fit in with the way they do things when they’re not talking about the way they do things, the cultural fit. 

Then there’s the specifics of how to work with him, or her, or him, or her. 

Working out that this person expects an immediate response but that one values reflection.  Understanding that he is pretty good in a group but needs time on his own too. Realising that you’ll get the best work from her if you’re clear about objectives and then leave her to get on with it.

Each person is individual/different/special/challenging.

Skippy strategy: Work together to find the best way of working together.