August 1, 2019



By the time you’ve gone beyond having all-hands meetings in a phone box, you’ll be passing the ball between players or teams. Which means hand-offs. Which means break downs in hand-offs. Which means staccato at best. Which means it’s times to work on your hand-offs. (It’s always time to work on your hand-offs).

The questions: what does the next person (team) in the chain need from me (us) to do their job on day one? What are we better placed to do than them? What would we find/do/get easily that they’d find hard?

One way is to work it out: do what you think is best and pay attention every time the system feels gritty.

Faster: ask them what else they need, and add everything to the mix.

Skippy strategy: Finish every step by preparing for the next step. Then pass it on.