July 1, 2019

Human people


Everybody inside every project complains about communications. They don’t know what’s required, or the don’t know what’s going on, or they don’t know what happened or what’s going to happen. They get caught out by dependencies they didn’t know about or that they thought were on track. They get frustrated by last minute requirements that everybody except them seemed to know about weeks ago. Everybody complains about everybody else.

There are no secrets.

The difference between everybody complaining and smooooooth … five minutes. Or less.

Five minutes to give a better briefing, to add a useful introduction to the email, to make the call so the team leader knows. Two minutes to read the message and two more to think about what it means.

Skippy strategy: The way foster better communication with the team … is to actually communicate with them like they’re living, breathing, human people … and expect the same in return.